Growth Construction is an award-winning US general contracting and construction company, and a leader in green building technology. We specialize in ground-up construction of smart, environmentally-conscious, and energy-efficient structures for posterity.  We keep building on our success and solid reputation for construction excellence to expand our array of services into new areas in the US and abroad.


To improve people's living experience by leveraging sustainable building expertise with the latest materials and technology.  

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We strive to redefine the future of building by positioning ourselves at the helm of resource-efficient and earth-responsible construction.

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Core values

At GC we dream big, and explore new solutions to challenges by fostering an environment of ingenuity and togetherness.

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What sets us apart

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Innovation and unique designs

Our highly skilled team of professionals delivers innovative, and impeccably designed structures of the highest quality.

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Environmental sustainability

Modern materials and building techniques allow our team to design structures that are more energy-efficient, leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

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Perfection in the detail

We take pride in analyzing and meticulously planning every detail of a project to ensure that the end result exceeds our client’s expectations.

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Reasonable and fast

Our projects consistently meet budgets and schedules without compromising quality and client experience.

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Efficient team management

Keeping track of building projects takes a significant amount of time and paperwork. Unibuilder, our in-house developed proprietary software, makes teamwork and documentation fluid and intuitive.

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Client delight

We work tirelessly to go above and beyond expectation by crafting bespoke, human and nature-centered structures.

Our expertise

GC's experience spans a wide range of specialty areas, including residential and commercial structures, interior design, infrastructure and bridges, corporate offices, and healthcare facilities.

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Our construction management services

Full Lifecycle Construction Services

We handle all project phases, from design and construction, to post-construction support

General Contracting

Proven experience and a dedicated workforce to turn concepts into reality

Design/Build Services

Breaking ground and putting our highly competent teams and innovative techniques to work

LEED Sustainable Construction

Our green construction solutions provide our clients with added value and cost savings

Featured Projects

Here are a few projects to outline some of our achievements.

Our partners

Over the years, Growth Construction has built and cultivated a network of valued partners, building cooperation over our shared reputation for excellence. Through these partnerships, we aim to bridge industry expertise, and go beyond constraints to provide innovative constructions.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our partnerships or would want to explore forming a new one with us.

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