About Us

We are a leading full-service general contracting and construction company. We design, and build functional, innovative, environmentally-conscious, and energy-efficient structures for a brighter future.


Growth Construction was conceived by Patrick Ziade with the purpose of bringing modern construction closer to nature. Patrick, who grew up in a green sleepy hamlet, understood early on that the best way to achieve equilibrium with the natural environment is a threefold approach: drawing inspiration from traditional vernacular buildings, employing minimally invasive building techniques, and staying ahead of new innovations and advancements in the field of building materials.

Today, Growth Construction continues to build upon its reputation as a dependable construction partner, capable of delivering demanding projects on time, and within budget. Growth Construction is headquartered in Spring Valley, Las Vegas. We, and our projects, we have been recognized by regional industry organizations for green construction excellence.

The Growth Advantage

With us, there’s no place for mediocrity. We are not assuaged with meeting client expectations, we aim to go above and beyond so to reach complete delight.From our beginnings, we have embraced ambition, innovation, and uniqueness, bringing new ideas, materials, and technology to the development of reasonable structures that consistently meet budget and schedule constraints. To meet that goal and maintain quality, GC uses tech-aided, lean, and agile project management methodologies to help address potential bottlenecks and communication issues.

Our approach bridges the gap between human centeredness and wellbeing, and our concern for mother nature. GC’s signature is its commitment to deliver high-quality sustainable structures for a better future.

Our Mission

To improve people's living experience by leveraging sustainable building expertise with the newest IoT technology.

At Growth Construction, we lead with profitability and shift the paradigm in our industry by positioning ourselves at the forefront of sustainable, and innovative construction. We are dedicated to providing excellent, friendly, dependable, and professional service to our valued clients. Our main aims are to uphold our clients interests by satisfying their needs and delivering high-quality deliverables, to improve the quality of life of prospective users, and to be proactive in the socioeconomic areas in which we operate. 

Our Vision

We strive to redefine the future of building by positioning ourselves at the helm of resource-efficient and earth-responsible construction.

We emphasize the use of vanguard technology to minimize energy consumption and carbon footprint of our activities, and of our constructions. Sustainability is front and center at GC, an ever commitment based around the three pillars of sustainable development: the economy, environment, and society. The pride of GC is person-centeredness, our dedication to the welfare of the communities we serve, and our deference to Mother Nature.

Our Values

Our values define us. At GC we dream big, and explore new solutions to challenges by fostering an environment of ingenuity and togetherness.

  • Brazenness – When it comes to pushing the envelope of what is feasible, we are fearless.
  • Sustainability – We revere nature and uphold the human and natural environment.
  • Accoutability – We pursue excellence, and we hold ourselves responsible for our outcomes. We are dedicated to translating innovative ideas into practical solutions.
  • Innovation and attention to detail – We strive to transform the world through innovation, and obsess about details in our aspiration for perfection.
  • Safety – We are people-centered and take our personnel safety to heart.

  • Conscious profitability – We are mindful of how growth can impact people and the environment. We care about people and communities and give back to the communities where we live and work.

Our Promise

To reshape the future of sustainable construction, today.

Company Leadership

Our partners

Over the years, Growth Construction has built and cultivated a network of valued partners, building cooperation over our shared reputation for excellence. 

Through these partnerships, we aim to bridge industry expertise, and go beyond constraints to provide innovative constructions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our partnerships or would want to explore forming a new one with us.

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